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Mission statement is a way to direct a business in the right direction, and it plays a role in helping a business make sound decisions. Without a mission statement, businesses may struggle when it comes to planning for the future.

Here at Kencana Arind Murni, we make it our mission to establish mutual relationship with our partners by offering high quality products and excellent services.


As for our vision is to become the world leading interior solution provider. It is our desired future state that we hope to achieve in the long run.

Both statements play important roles in providing guide to management’s thinking on strategic issues. They also help define performance standards, inspire employees to work more productively by providing focus and common goals.

Interface carpet & vinyl floor distributor Indonesia

Our story began in 1985 as we started our business by acting as an authorized agent and reseller for Axminster carpets from New Zealand, including several types of broadloom carpets from the U.S.

Our target markets were hotels, office buildings, and banks around Jakarta. In the year 1998, most countries in Asia got hit by monetary crisis, and we certainly weren’t spared.

However, when one door closed, another opened up. Newly built churches, shophouses, and office buildings were popping up, and they certainly were in need for carpets. They become our new clients; and with that, our market expanded.

After surviving the crisis, our financial condition began to recover and improve. We began to add variety to our product offerings and formed international partnerships with manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

In 2007, PT. Kencana Arind Murni was appointed as the authorized sole agent Interface products in Indonesia. Interface is the global commercial flooring company for carpet tiles and resilient flooring with strong mission for environment friendly approach that we are proud to work with.


For any company, the most important asset one must have is the people. They are the ones that give the soul to the company and determine the quality of customer experience.

By applying the upside-down view of an organization, where customers are at the top, customer service is of the utmost importance; therefore, every human aspect of the business become the main ingredients for the company’s success.

We let our people know we appreciate their hard work, and involve them into achieving our mission and vision. As it is a part of our culture to bring them into the fold, we treat our people as valued collaborators, not just workers.

Kencana Arind Murni Staff Culture

We wanted to thank you for the great job you did with the installation of the new flooring and carpeting in our clients offices. We were very satisfied with your products. With the competitive price and various products, you give us many option suitable for our clients.

Agustina Johan

Director, Credensa

Menurut saya kinerja Kencana Arind Murni sangat baik dari segi material maupun brand sangat oke, patternnya variatif & eksklusif, kinerja marketingnya juga sangat responsif, dan after salesnya juga sangat baik dan bertanggung jawab, so far selama saya kerjasama dengan Kencana Arind sangat memuaskan.

Teszar Mahdi Taher

Head Designer, Tata Asri

Atas nama PT Ceka Arsitektur Interior, memberikan rekomendasi atas PT. Kencana Arind Murni sebagai distributor karpet kepada konsultan & kontraktor. Karena kami telah menggunakan produk karpet PT. Kencana Arind Murni di project kami sebelumnya dan hasil pemasangan juga kordinasinya memuaskan.

Yansen Lee

Direktur, Ceka Arsitektur Interior